Rutland Invitation Quiz League Rules (2017–18)

  1. Games will be held on Tuesday evenings, and teams should be ready to play by 20.30, but no later than 20:45, or the match may be void.
  2. Questions are supplied by a recognised quiz setter and posted to the home venue. The envelope should only be opened in the presence of both team captains. In the event of no envelope being present a spare set should be available from The Wheatsheaf, Northgate, Oakham. .
  3. Each team will comprise a maximum of six players, plus a question master for home team and scorer/timekeeper for away team. It will be acceptable for a member of the public to act in the capacity of question master or timekeeper if needed. Matches will consist of two sessions with an interval. The home team answer first in first five rounds, and the away team in the second. .
  4. In addition to the league competition, there is a knockout competition for the Cup and Plate. All teams play in the first round (unless a bye is necessitated by uneven numbers). The winners of the first round will continue in the Cup, while the losers will take part in the Plate Competition. All matches will be drawn at random by the committee, and published on the web site. The Cup and Plate Finals are the last games of the season.
  5. A meal is normally provided by the home team for league matches, and by arrangement between teams if wished in knockout competitions. .
  6. The question master and timekeeper will give the final decision on matters arising. The questions must be asked as written and only the answer given on the sheet can be accepted. Underlined answers must be given in full. .
  7. Rounds 1 and 6 have written answers and 5 minutes for completion.
  8. All other team rounds have ten questions: the first team has 30 seconds to answer, and 2 points if correct. If incorrect the opposing team have a further 15 seconds and 1 point if correct. Answers to team questions will be given by the team captain. .
  9. There will be two individual rounds (3 & 8) and players choose random questions to answer in pairs. The timing/scoring remain the same. Passing of answers between team members is strictly forbidden. Only the person answering the question and their opposite number may use pen and paper. .
  10. Spare questions are supplied each week, to be used when the regular question is compromised for any reason. In the event of a spare being required, the captain (or the individual in an individual round) will select the question numbers. The question master will not select the spare question to be used. .
  11. Both team secretaries should email the results to the Secretary as soon as possible after the match and by Wednesday evening at the latest. If timely results have not been received, a reminder will be sent. If no result is received by Friday, then each team will be awarded zero points for that match. .
  12. Teams will have 2 league points for a win and 1 for a draw. League position is determined by league points and aggregated match points. At the end of the season the two lowest teams in Division 1 will be relegated and the two highest in Division 2 promoted. This may have to be adjusted if the divisions become unbalanced by more than one team. .
  13. Each pack of questions contains score sheets which should be retained by the team captains for the season. Score sheets are the only reliable means of arbitration in the event of dispute. .
  14. If a knockout match remains drawn, the spare questions will be asked as team questions on "sudden death" basis. Home team goes first, captain to decide the question number, and they do not go to the opposition if incorrect. If the teams are still tied after all the spares have been played, the tie break question will be answered in writing by both teams, the closer being judged winner. .
  15. All fixtures must be played, a postponement only being allowed in the event of extreme bad weather. Postponed matches must be replayed when possible. .
  16. In all other cases the team failing to play will forfeit the match. Their opposition will be awarded two league points and their average points score for the previous 6 matches, or a win in knockout competitions. .
  17. The League will commence no sooner than one week after the end of the Petanque season. Match schedule is at the discretion of the committee. .
  18. Composition of each division of the league will be at the discretion of the Committee. .
  19. Players may play for one team only. Any player proved to have played for more than one team without the approval of the committee will be suspended for the remainder of the season. Any team involving players who have competed for another team during the season may face sanction by the committee. .
  20. Any player wishing to transfer from one team to another during the season must have the consent of both captains, and may not play until the transfer is acknowledged by the committee.